Anmol Sikka

an Aerospace Nerd trying to explore a little bit of the vastness of space


PhD Student

Aerospace Engineering

University of Maryland

College Park (MD)


I am an engineer, blogger, and aspiring researcher. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering - understanding planetary surfaces of new wor. Presently, I am a Graduate Research Assistant in Dr. Hartzell’s Planetary Surfaces and Spacecraft Lab working on predicting surface morphology on metallic asteroids due to magnetic forces.

I like reading fiction, watching twitch streams, and writing space-related blogs in my free time. Occasionally, you can find me playing board games or light games on my switch. If I get out of the house, I am visiting a friend or a museum (being in the DC area helps :D).


Mar 9, 2022 Will be presenting my work on 9th March during the Near-Earth and Main-Belt Asteroids: Physical Characteristics and Surface Composition session.
Mar 7, 2022 Attending LPSC 2022 in Houston, TX.